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Our honeycomb round is produced in unique round frames, using 2 rings that are placed into the hive for the bees to fill. When the bees have filled and capped the honey, the round frames are removed from the hive, the rings cleaned of excess wax and packed in specially designed biodegradable containers. This process allows the honeycomb to remain untouched, eliminating unnecessary handling without the need to cut the comb.
An unlikely couple.

Humbugz have taken an old fashioned favourite and revived it as a new taste sensation.

In 2008 Humbugz began offering honeycomb tastings at food shows “Most people had never heard of serving honey with cheese” says Frances. “We knew that getting people to try it was the only hurdle we had to get over because we were confident that if we could get them to try it they would be sold on it. Fortunately most people have been curious enough to try it without much persuasion we’ve given out thousands of tasting and we’ve probably only had 5 people who have said it was too sweet for them. To see the look on peoples faces who tell us they don’t eat honey but are willing to give it a go and then absolutely love it, has been very rewarding”

Look out for Humbugz at good food shows and experience for yourself.

humbugz honey rounds

To Serve

Run knife around outside of container to break seal. Remove lid and run knife around inside of comb to loosen and remove top ring, turn out onto platter and cut into bite size pieces, serve with your favourite cheese and crackers. Also makes a great addition to any fruit platter

Note- May also be served from the base container for easy storing (if there is any left to store).