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humbugz-platterBLUE GUM

Humbugz produce some of the world’s best Blue gum honey. A superb honey used on anything. In a category of it’s own, it is bold and beautiful, makes a great dessert honey. Ideally suited for use in milkshakes, drizzled over ice-cream or on waffles. An ideal sweetener in tea and coffee .

Favored among beekeepers.

Pink gum/ Hill gum

Pink gum, also known as Hill gum is an extra sweet honey. Medium amber with caramel undertones. Makes an excellent table honey.


Produced in the beautiful South Australian Riverland . Orange blossom is an extra special honey due to its natural Citrus flavour and pronounced aroma of orange blossoms. Colour can vary from light amber to almost clear. Light and fruity with a delicate citrus flavour, Orange blossom excels in fruit and vegetables, salad dressings, and in marinades for fish and poultry. It also pairs, particularly, well with custards, vanilla and chocolate.


Humbugz native scrub honey has recently grown in popularity to become one of the favourites. Native scrub is produced from miscellaneous and undefined flower sources.
A natural blend of seasonal native flora collected by the bees during winter. Native scrub is quite distinct from other honey in that it is quite dark and may present with mild floral overtones. Although the color and flavor of Native scrub will vary depending on the floral source visited by the bees, the familiar flavours produced from the coastal flora remain and can all be experienced in this deliciously different honey.
Extremely versatile. Great in baked foods


Lucerne honey is white or extra light amber in color with a mild flavor and aroma. . Lucerne crystallizes quicker than most and therefore is ideal for baking or for daily table use. Favored by Bakers for it’s binding qualities. Lucerne is also perfect for mildly sweet marinades for fish or chicken.


A premium honey, mixed gum is a natural blend of Australian Eucalyptus trees. A beautiful rich gold colour, mild yet distinctly flavoured
Use liberally on dessert foods, crumpets or pancakes


Natures’s candy

Available from October onwards until sold out.

Winner of the prestigious South Australian Premier’s food awards 2008

A frame of fresh pure honey filled with a fragrant, light-coloured honey with soft citrus flavours.

Not just a healthy snack, it has become one of the most highly sought after gourmet products on the market and without a doubt the healthiest. An entertainers delight

On it’s own honeycomb can be enjoyed by chewing until only the wax remains and then dispose of wax. A great conversation starter Humbugz honeycomb makes a fabulous addition to any cheese or fruit platter.

Looking for a unique gift? Humbugz honey rounds make a perfect gift for any occasion

Each round weighing not less than 250g.