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about us page in front of the lavender David was born and raised a country boy in Kingston South Australia and Frances knew no other life than that of the city being raised in Melbourne Victoria.

In October 1984 they met in the Pacific ocean on what was then called the Love boat.

They were married in May 1985. Their first son was born in 1986 and every year for the next four years another son was born.

During this time David ran a successful sawmilling business . After …… and a few very close encounters with the mill, a change was needed and they decided to buy a school bus run. It was during this time that David thought he would try his hand at a hobby he had always thought about, beekeeping. Having the school run allowed him to work with the bees and experiment with building his own equipment during the day until school finished.

What started out as a hobby with 7 bee hives in the backyard quickly began to expand to the point where in 2004 a business name was needed and Humbugz honey became a registered business selling honey to packers and the local supermarket.

Over the past 2 years Humbugz has seen significant growth in hive numbers and now have 600 working hives. Enough work to enable them to employ one of their sons seasonally on a full time basis.

Today Humbugz honey is available Australia wide and is highly sought after internationally . Unfortunately at this stage , demand internationally far outweighs the ability to supply without compromising quality.

We are passionate about our products and believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing for you and the environment.