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honey comb on a treeLocated in the Limestone coast in South Australia.

We are artesian honey producers producing 100% pure, monofloral honey products.

Our premium quality Australian gourmet honeys are derived from Australian Eucalyptus and a select variety of native flora found growing along the coast. We do not buy in honey. All of our honey is produced in the Limestone Coast with the exception of the Orange blossom which is produced by our bees in the beautiful South Australan riverland.

To produce our honey we employ only the practices of those applied to organic farming.  Geographic isolation sets us apart and plays a major role in ensuring the purity of our honey. Organic farming requires the hives be placed at least 3kms from any road side or freeway where as our bees are at times even further inland and strictly maintained.

The honey is only heated to a very low temperature as to simulate the hive (cold pressed), enabling the honey to be extracted and strained.  This ensures all of it’s medicinal qualities have been retained, so you can be sure you're getting a pure product that doesn’t just taste great, but is good for you.

Humbugz honey has been hand produced in every way from extraction through to labeling. Quality is paramount and we pride ourselves on producing pure unblended honey products.

In partnership with nature, we’re taking honey from petal to plate with all its natural goodness, so you can be sure you’re experiencing honey the way it was meant to be, Naturally.

Whether from the scenic coastline or picturesque vineyards within the Limestone coast, each location produces a delightfully different honey, taking on the unique characteristics of the region.

The varietals of honey are such that they can be compared to that of wine, each having its own singular aroma, color, texture and taste, depending on the nectar source (the blossoms) visited by the bees.  Colors range from nearly colorless to dark brown with flavors varying from delectably mild to distinctively bold.   Generally the lighter the color the milder the taste and the darker the color the stronger the taste.

It is however, the climatic conditions of the area from where the honey is harvested that has the greatest influence on the quality and flavor of the honey. This is why the same floral variety from different regions will taste so different.

While most bee keepers need to be migratory, following the flowers as the seasons change, traveling sometimes 100’s of kms The Limestone Coast, being blessed with a combination of temperate climate, floral diversity and abundant under ground water resources, enables us to produce our premium honey year after year, even in drought conditions. These ideal conditions within our region are evident, being home to The Famed Vineyards of The Coonawarra, Padthaway and Mt Benson having all produced some of the world’s best wines.